Don’t live for work

Having started my career with an elite organisation a decade back, like most the only exposure to reality was a 06 month convict internship before getting the coveted job. Among various valuable lessons learnt, there is one which warrants a mention to our topic today. “Time, a yardstick for working hard”. The first and a cobble stone to the series of why working less is working more

Being new to the industry, you often always learn the rights and wrongs watching your older peers at work. Our office then was an environment or a war zone through the day with the lieutenant commanding over us for a new battle each day. The first breath of fresh air blew in daily around 07 pm. Sleeves rolled up, ash trays brought out and while in office, our cigarettes lit up. Now most of you today wouldn’t believe a hotel sales office being like that. But that apart, the point is, our official working day always ended with a lovely retreat of war torn and tired soldiers who rolled up sleeves, shunted jackets, but instead of leaving for homes, continued working. Sounds animated but this is a chronic problem even to date in most companies

 Is time really the yardstick to working hard. Absolutely not. Most bosses still have an archaic approach to this. Almost each of you may have raised your brow watching your team mate leave at 6. Do not form a wrong perception about that person. Leaving on time is a habit each of us requires to inculcate today. And your team mate is a great inspiration for you. New organisations like @ Hyatt employ training efforts on topics of time and task management regularly. There is a simple logic to this. Balance your work and life. Someone quipped a few weeks back at a lecture which was deeply impacting. He said the company boss wont have time to stand by your bed in your end moments. You will most certainly only find your family there. This summed it up for me

 One cannot ignore the requirements at job which puts an emphasis on “balance”. Like most have famously said, rather work for your living, then live for work. At the end of it all, a few extra bucks in the bank are not worth you speeding up your age, tiring your health and immune system, and after earning a lot of success and money, look back and regret the time you could have spent with your lost and loved ones, taken those family vacations, or celebrated those sweet moments. More Time spent at work is most certainly not working smart. If you are successful enough, at best you will only end up making your temporary boss happy. 

 Go on and hit the gym, enjoy the sundowners walk, take your weekend drives, and if you are a pet owner, play with them. They are looking forward to your time in the limited years they live. Do everything which you know you would regret not doing. Coz there is no guarantee when the knell sounds a knock on your door with a message, “Buddy, time’s up”