The default woman

Why are women surprised with the ongoing wrongs against them suddenly??No i don’t mean to spark off a hate and dismiss here. I am as much against these wrongs today, and like most citizens watch the typecast spurt of news, rapists getting convicted, and news on innocents getting targeted.

But what I wish is we don’t get carried away and think this is all happening suddenly. Wrongs against women have been happening since a very long time. It is only that media decided to report more often now with may be a minimal selfishness of increased readership after the recent harsh incident in the capital.

These wrongs start not in the society but in your own home and often with your own parents. A parent brings up a girl child with more protection than a  boy child. They are tuned to perform soft works and chores. Many find their way to girl only education system until colleges whilst often getting dropped  to their schools and colleges by their fathers overprotective security cordon.  When they get into offices, women often find it harder to succeed due to the system that exists. All life the girl is taught to suppress, seek protection, and subconsciously act weak. If she is still very successful, it wont be a surprise if she has to end up in a marriage where the society pushes them into a sacrifice.

Incident of gang rapes, dowry etc are nothing but vents of a frustrated breed  in this society which has been separated from their developed counterparts for variety of reasons. These sick people were unable to keep pace with a society which matured, moved away from unethical social norms against women, got better educated and found more avenues like sports and career to vent their aggression.

Do you feel your children are being brought up in the right manner ?